Light Shows

The tech

Events are where the magic of connections happen. But so many of us stick to the mundane walls of static decor and string lights in mason jars.
What if your musician had a 30ft curtain of lights behind them, synced to the rhythm of their music? And what if you could feel euphoria by being surrounded by 4ft light bars?

Well, we can do both.

We guarantee that our pocket-friendly lighting solutions can kick the mundane out of any party. As long as the mundane is not a person- we don’t really have the power to do that.

Using our 10ft to 30ft light curtains or 8 controllable light bars, we can add a sense of wonder to any party. Our tech can display countless different animations and can even sync with the music on play.
We recommend the curtains for a more immersive experience, and the light bars can be customised based on the tone of your event.

Price estimate:

10 Foot Light Curtain

A great start for your visual satisfaction.


20 Foot Light Curtain

Just enough eye-candy to intrigue your party goers.


30 Foot Light Curtain

What we have for you to reply with “Now we’re talking!”


8 Light bars

AKA your everyone’s’ new favourite photo-op.