Augmented Reality

The tech

Imagine if you could have information materialise before your eyes in real time. While that may be possible through other nefarious means, WebAR is the next best (legal) tool to make that happen.

A poster can animate in front of your eyes, or your clients can explore a 3D model of your product. We can use image tracking to fix an animation, or even make custom face tracking filters. We can even create an AR version of pets that you can travel with! The best part is, we don’t use an app or downloadable content to make this happen for you.

What we offer

The team at {Name} is working diligently at making creative, ready to use templates at pocket-friendly prices. We currently have one out of the box option that transforms your boring advertisement or poster into a full fledged video.

Price estimate:

AR Video

Simply scan the QR code with your phone, point it at the target, and BAM! Watch as your screen bursts into life with captivating videos.